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Delivery and payment


To place an order take 3 simple steps:

➀  Choose your favorite pizza and place it in the basket

➁  Click "Checkout"

➂   Enter the phone number and click "Order" 

✓   The operator will contact you within 5 minutes and confirm the order.
And less than 60 minutes of hot, delicious pizza will be at your home or office;)


Papa Pizza Network around the clock delivers orders all over Kiev and outside the city. Free delivery pizza takes up to 60 minutes from the time of order. The minimum order amount is from UAH 150.

Remote areas in which delivery is carried out: & vbsp; Vyshgorod, Shepherds, Novobelici, Zazimye, Cellars, Irpen, Belogorodka, Knyazhichi, Cherry, Brovary, Kotsyubinskoe and Happy.

The ability to deliver your order outside the city of Kiev is carried out by prior agreement with the operator of the call-center.

Free shipping is available when ordering from 150 UAH within Kiev and from 500 UAH outside Kiev.

How can I pay for my order?

- Cash courier

- By courier card

- Online on the site

  Valid discounts and bonuses when ordering delivery:

- Standard charge: 10% of the amount of the order is fixed in the form of bonuses to your phone number.  

- 50 bonuses are charged for registration in the loyalty program when you first order delivery

-   100 points are awarded the day before the date of birth

- 15% discount on the paid amount of the order if you pick up the order yourself.  

The discount for placing orders directly at the pizzeria does not apply and is valid only when placing an order through the website or by calling 068 230 88 88. The discount on self-delivery does not apply to orders with special offers.

For more information, see   Payment and Delivery Terms   TARANTINO family


In case your plans have changed and you go to refuse the order, please inform the operator by calling 044 230 88 88, but no later than 10 minutes after the confirmation of the order by the operator.

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